Virtualized Environments

Longitude 7.0

Longitude 7.0: Application performance, network and virtualization monitoring software Longitude is agentless application performance and network monitoring software that monitors, alerts and reports on availability and performance of Windows, Unix and Linux systems. Longitude provides a single pane of glass for monitoring virtualized environments and ensuring IT service levels. Automatically receive email, phone, and text alerts, send SNMP traps, perform corrective action based on what`s important at your site.

Express Software Manager 9.0: IT Asset Management Software: Hardware/Software Inventory & Software Usage Data
Express Software Manager 9.0

Express Software Manager is award-winning IT asset management software providing computer inventory data, software usage tracking, and application control. With Express Software Manager you can easily track and manage your hardware and software assets, monitor application usage, determine where you`re under-licensed and over-licensed, and control the launch of applications across your network. Supports Citrix/WTS and virtualized environments.

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5nine Manager for Hyper-V Free Edition 5.1

5nine Manager for Hyper-V Free Edition is an ideal Hyper-V management solution for all Microsoft virtualization environments. It provides a local Graphical User Interface for Windows Server (including Server Core) and Microsoft Hyper-V Server. It also allows to manage multiple Microsoft hypervisors of different versions (2012 R2 / 2012 / 2008 R2 SP1) from one management console remotely or locally.

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5nine Cloud Security for Hyper-V Free

5nine Cloud Security for Hyper-V Free Edition provides a comprehensive, agentless security solution for virtual machines running on Windows Server 2012/2012 R2 and Microsoft Hyper-V. It performs lightning-fast incremental antivirus scanning and has a powerful firewall that protects Hyper-V network resources. Built-in 5nine Security and Compliance Scanner for Hyper-V performs a security compliance scan of a Hyper-V server and all of its VMs.

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Free 5nine V2V Easy Converter 4.0

Free 5nine V2V Easy Converter performs fast and non-intrusive host to host conversion and fixup of selected VMware VMs to Microsoft Hyper-V VMs. Current version of 5nine V2V Converter supports conversion of Windows Server 2012 R2/2012/2008, Windows 8.x/7, Windows Server 2003 (x86 and x64), and most of Windows 2000 Advanced Server, Ubuntu and CentOS configurations. It also supports conversion to Gen1 and Gen2 Hyper-V Virtual Machines.

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SoundSense 1.298

Environments Suntelia packages with SoundSense or create thei own personalized Environments. Users can then create Collections that play back entire Environments for a user determined number of minutes, hours or days. Images can be assigned to Environments so that a slideshow can be played. Or images can be viewed as each sound is played. In addition SoundSense supports a 3-d cube view of images if the user chooses to use DirectX mode viewing. Over

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